Basalt Fairview Cemetery


Per Ordinance No. 25, Series of 2022, the following fees and rates apply to the Basalt Fairview Cemetery and are subject to change from time to time.



Cemetery Plot (1/4) of a lot

(see Note 1 and Note 2)


$500 for residents residing within the town limits of the Town of Basalt


$2,000 for residents residing outside the town limits of the Town of Basalt, but within the 81621 or 81642 zip codes 


$5,000 for residents outside of the 81621 and 81642 zip codes 

Opening and Closing of Grave (collected only at time of death). (See Note 1 and Note 2)

$250 – summer months

Perpetual Care Fee (collected only at time of burial)      (see Note 2)



Note 1.             Graves normally cannot be dug in the winter months.  If it is possible to provide this service, the Town will negotiate a separate fee for this service. 

Note 2.             The Town Manager may reduce fee for hardship cases. 

Adopted by Ordinance No. 24, Series of 2022, read the Basalt Fairview Cemetery Rules here.

If you are interested in purchasing a plot at the Basalt Fairview Cemetery, please contact Town Clerk Pam Schilling at

970 927-4701.