Arbaney Park Pool


The Arbaney Park pool is open in a limited capacity at this time. We are anticipating some closures in the next few weeks in order to knock out the construction punch list items still needed. 

Here is the current Pool Schedule:

Pool Schedule - July

The Arbaney Park Pool is well underway in getting some much needed upgrades. The main pool (lap pool) has received a new handicap accessible ramp and will be finished off with new coping, plaster and tile throughout. The old wader pool was removed and replaced with a larger pool in the shape of a Robot. This new Robot pool is two feet deep and has some very special areas for those younger participants to explore and gain confidence in the water. A small slide, some pop socket water features, and a rain curtain entrance have been added.

The bathhouse will receive new tile, lockers, shower partitions, led lights, and paint. A new office space has been created for staff as well as the exterior surfaces have been cleaned and painted where applicable. 

The fence line has been extended to offer more options for guests to enjoy the property under some much needed new shade sails. 

The pool mechanical room has been replaced with new more energy efficient pumps and filtration.