Emergency Management Committee

The Basalt Emergency Management Committee (BEMC) ensures early warnings, shelter, and emergency preparedness are planned for.

Committee Tasks

BEMC tasking is directed to:

  • The continued development and implementation of the Town of Basalt Emergency Plan of June 2002 and prioritization of plan annexes
  • Educate the community on emergency preparations and evacuation procedures
  • Educate the community and Town of Basalt staff on the principles and structure of the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Advise the Basalt Town Council on the development and implementation of emergency policies
  • Coordinate Basalt emergency services to support professional emergency services already in place
  • Coordinate with the Bureau of Reclamation the local concerns regarding Ruedi Reservoir including, but not limited to:
    • Warning systems
    • Flood flow elevations
    • Risk from the Roaring Fork and other tributaries
    • Potential inundation and impacts to down valley communities
    • Emergency procedures

Vital Early Warning System

BEMC works in cooperation with the Public Safety Councils in Pitkin, Eagle,and Garfield counties. These organizations work through ICS in the event of a flood, wildfire, hazardous materials incident, gas / electric / propane emergency, shootings, or other serious regional emergencies. BEMC cooperates with all these entities to ensure that local residents receive notification and detailed, informed instructions in case of an emergency.


  • Leroy Duroux, Chair, Citizen Member
  • Robert Woods, Citizen Member
  • VACANT, Citizen Member
  • Valerie MacDonald, Pitkin County Emergency Coordinator
  • Barry Smith, Eagle County Emergency Coordinator
  • Scott Thompson, Basalt Fire Chief
  • Greg Knott, Basalt Police Chief
  • Jennifer Riffle, Basalt Town Council Representative
  • Boyd Bierbaum, Basalt Public Works Director
  • Basalt PIO - vacant
  • Pam Schilling, Town Clerk - Administrative Assistant to the BEMC


Basalt's Emergency Management Committee (BEMC) was formed by resolution in early 2003 with the following mission:

  • To direct community input to ensure the public safety entities are meeting the needs of the community in order to protect the lives and property of citizens in the Basalt area.