Outdoor Water Conservation

Aerate Your Lawn Annually

You have the following options for aerating your lawn:

  • Hire a lawn company to do the work
  • Ask a friend with a truck and rent an aerator
  • Get a few friends together to share the cost of machinery and aerate all your lawns

Encourage Deep Root Growth

Put your lawn on a water diet by gradually reducing the frequency and amount of water you give your grass. The roots will grow deeper, searching for moisture. Now you can water every 3 or 4 days instead of every other day.

Determine if Your Lawn Needs Water

Your yard needs water if:

  • It is difficult to push a screwdriver through the surface of your lawn
  • You walk across your yard and can see visible footprints

Sprinkler Systems

One of the largest water wasters is an automatic sprinkling system operating when it is raining or just after a rain. Consider installing a rain sensor on your automatic system. They are inexpensive and also save you water. Watering with large drops reduces wasteful evaporation.

Simple Recommendations

  • Apply the half inch watering cycle:
    • April and May: 2 times per week
    • June, July, and August: 3 times per week
    • September: Resume 2 times per week schedule
  • Water your lawn early in the morning or late evening
  • Mow your grass at 2 to 3 inches during June, July, and August. This helps the grass to retain moisture better

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