Plant Select Program

The Town of Basalt's Public Gardens and Community Forestry Department is excited to be participating in the Plant Select ® Program. Our goal is to educate the community about the many unsung plant champions from Plant Select.

Our monthly guided garden tours feature many Plant Select ® plants.

About Plant Select ®

Plant Select ® is a cooperative program administered by Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado State University in concert with horticulturists and nurseries throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. The purpose of Plant Select ® is to seek out, identify, and distribute the very best plants for landscapes and gardens from the inter-mountain region to the high plains.

Plant Selection Process

Several plants are chosen each year that thrive in the sunny, variable conditions of Rocky Mountain gardens. These can be plants that have grown here for years and have not yet attained the popularity they deserve, known as recommended plants. Introductions represent taxa that are discovered by our cooperators.

Superior forms or hybrids carefully tested over time are known as originals. Plant Select ® is at the vanguard of a bold, new plant palette that is revolutionizing the way we garden. Here we have plants that thrive in both our variable winters and our hot summers. They are helping forge a truly American style of horticulture.

Visit Plant Select ® website.