Buddleja Alternifolia Arge
  • Buddleja Alternifolia: Argentea
  • 10 by 10 feet
  • A large shrub with distinctive silver to blue gray finely textured foliage. Spikes of lavender to violet flowers are produced for several weeks in late spring. Xeric
  • Photo: Longwood Gardens
Prunus Besseyi B
  • Prunus Besseyi: "Pawnee Buttes" Sand Cherry
  • 12-15 inches by 6 foot zones 3-8
  • Pawnee Buttes national grasslands of north east Colorado, great choice for planting on hot, dry slopes. Xeric
  • Photos: High Country Gardens , CSU Denver
Roundabout Rhus
  • Rhus Aromatica: Gro-Low Sumac
  • 3 by 8 feet wide, zones 4-9
  • Low growing native shrub. Foliage is glossy dark green and turns a stunning orange, red to burgundy in the fall. Xeric
  • Photo: Lisa DiNardo
  • Caryopteris x Clandonensis: Blue Mist Spirea
  • 4 by 3 feet, zones 4-9
  • Aromatic grey / green leaves and bright blue flowers, summer bloom. A fine textured shrub offering attractive winter interest. Xeric