Bouteloua Gracilis
  • Bouteloua Gracilis: Blue Grama Grass
  • 1-2 inch zones 3 to 10, full sun
  • Blue grama is a warm season tufted perennial native from the western Great Plains. This fine textured grass with its cheerful "eyelash" seeds heads is a fine addition to the perennial border. Xeric.
  • Photo: Lisa DiNardo
Sporobolus Wrightii
  • Sporobolus Wrightii: Giant Sacaton
  • 5-7 foot by 3 to 5 foot zones 4 to 9, full sun to partial shade, well drained site, blooms late summer
  • Graceful arching foliage with giant, feathery seed heads. A stunning specimen plant with dramatic stature. Xeric, Plant Select 2006
  • Photo: Plant Select
Schizachyrium Scoparium
  • Schizachyrium Scoparium: "The Blues"' Little Bluestem Grass
  • 30-36 inches by 18 inches, full sun
  • Great Plains native, notable for its intensely blue upright foliage. Beautiful fall foliage, leaves and seed heads change to a rich burgundy red. Xeric
  • Photo: High Country Gardens
Sorghastrum Nutans
  • Sorghastrum Nutans: Indian Steel
  • 5-7 foot by 3 foot zones, 4 to 9,full sun
  • Steel blue 1/2-inch wide leaves grow in coarse clumps, producing tan, spike like panicles in summer which ripen to a rich brown color in the fall. Xeric.
  • Photo: Sooner Plant Farm