Aubrieta Cultorum
  • Aubrieta x: Cascade Purple
  • Cascade Purple Rock Cress, 3 by 15 inch, zones 4 to 8, profuse purple flowers in early spring rise above a handsome mat of semi-evergreen foliage
  • Photo: High Country Gardens
Penstemon Virens
  • Penstemon Virens: Blue Mist Beardtongue
  • 8 by 8 to 10 inches, zones 4 to 8,
  • Spikes of blue, lavender-throated flowers rise above evergreen foliage. Native to eastern Colorado and Wyoming. A beautiful and stunning addition to your perennial border.
  • Photo: High Country Gardens
Veronica Pectinata
  • Veronica Pectinata: Blue Woolly Speedwell
  • 2 by 18 inches, zones 4 to 9, in early spring a profusion of white-eyed, true-blue flowers covers a dense carpet of evergreen gray-green leaves. Xeric
  • Photo: High Country Gardens
Berlanderia Lyrata
  • Berlandiera Lyrata: Chocolate Flower
  • 1-2 inches to 6,000
  • This sweetly fragrant native has pale yellow flowers blooms summer through fall. Xeric
  • Considered an annual in Basalt
  • Photo: Lisa DiNardo
Agastache Aurantiaca
  • Agastache Aurantiaca: Coronado
  • 15 to 18 inches by 15 inches, hardy: 7,000 feet
  • 2001 Plant Select, native to the U.S. southwest, silvery green leaves on slender, branched stems with numerous eye-catching pale orange flowers from mid - summer to fall
  • Very attractive. Has a pleasing minty fragrance when touched
  • Photo: Lisa DiNardo