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The Town of Basalt is served by two separate water systems. Town of Basalt Water Department provides water to Basalt “East” including Downtown, Old Town, and Southside et al and Mid-Valley Metro District serves Basalt “West” including Willits and the Design Center et al.

If you have questions about who supplies your water call 970-927-9013.

NOTE: This information is from the Town of Basalt Water Department and not all the information will pertain to Mid-Valley Metro.

Basalt Town Of 2013 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report ( CCR ) For Calendar Year 2012

Basalt’s Water System

The main water supply for the Basalt water system comes from springs on Basalt Mountain. Collection boxes gather the water and it is piped into town then it is filtered with state of the art technology treated with small amounts of chlorine and sent to your faucet.

Basalt has three wells that supplement Basalt Springs during periods of high demand. The Well water is somewhat harder meaning it has more minerals than the Spring water. The more we conserve the less we need to use the Wells and that means more Spring water in the system.

Please feel free to call the Basalt Water Department with any water quality or general questions about your water. 970-927-9013

Watering Guidelines

Did you know every gallon of water we produce requires electricity to treat and deliver it? When we conserve we are not only saving water but also the electricity to treat it and get it to your faucet.

The Basalt Water Department strongly encourages water conservation and recommends the following schedule as a guideline.

Even Numbered Addresses:
• Water on Tuesday, Thursday, &Saturday

Odd Numbered Addresses:
• Water on Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday

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Outdoor Water Conservation Information

 Aerate Your Lawn Annually

• Hire a lawn company.
• Ask a friend with a truck and rent an aerator.
• Get a few friends together to share the cost of machinery and aerate all your lawns.

Encourage Deep Root Growth

• Put your lawn on a “water” diet by gradually reducing the frequency and amount of water you give your grass.
• The roots will grow deeper, searching for moisture.
• Now you can water every 3 or 4 days instead of every other day!

Does Your Lawn Really Need Water?

• Push a screwdriver into the lawn and feel how easily it goes down. Is it hard to push in? Your lawn needs water!
• Walk across your lawn and look at your footsteps. Are they still there? Your lawn needs water!

Did You Know?

One of the largest water wasters is an automatic sprinkling system operating when it is raining or just after a rain. Consider installing a rain sensor on your automatic system. They are inexpensive and also save you water! Watering with large drops reduces wasteful evaporation.

Simple Recommendations

Apply the ½ inch cycle in:
April & May……………..2 times per week
June, July, & August……...3 times per week
September ………………Resume 2 times per week schedule.

• Water your lawn early in the morning or late evening.
• Keep your grass 2 to 3 inches long during June, July, and August. This helps the grass to retain moisture better.

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Indoor Water Tips and Facts

  • Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator to avoid running the water for a glass of cold water.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
  • Fix even the smallest leaks. A leaking faucet dripping 24 drips per minute wastes 3.5 gallons per day!
  • Check your toilets for leaks with free toilet test strips. Call 970-927-9013 and we will get you some test strips. A leaking toilet can really increase your water bill.

Avoid Potential Flooding in Your Home
by Locating Your Water Shut Off

Sometimes curb stops/shut offs are buried by landscaping or pavement. The water department does not know where your shut off is located. Make sure YOU do.

Why should I find my water shut off?

If your water line breaks near your house, or if your water line leaks inside your house, you can turn it off!

How to find your water shut off

• Look for a metal disk (curb stop) 4-5” in diameter, with the word “WATER” stamped on it.
• It is located outside, between your house and the street.

I can’t find it!

•Basalt’s Water Department staff may be able to help you.
•Or our staff can recommend a contractor.

Water Rates

In Town Water Users

Base Charge of $54.00 per EQR; and Gallons-Used Charge of:

Gallons Used per EQR Charge per 1,000 Gallons

0 to 31,500 $1.69
31,501 to 80,325 $2.37
80,326 to 111,600 $4.86
111,601 and more $5.94

Outside of Town Water Users

Base Charge of $81.00 per EQR

Notes from the Finance Department

Direct Payment is available to sign up for a direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account for the quarterly water bill call us at 970-927-9851 ext 1.

Municipal Code Sec. 13-44: All accounts for water service shall be kept in the name of the owner of the property and not in the name of any tenant. The owner, or his or her legally authorized agent shall be held responsible for water rents.


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