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To use our collective skills to create and maintain a desirable and safe environment that is consistent with the ideals and expectations of the community.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the streets, parks, public gardens and trees, trails, water system, swimming pool maintenance, public buildings, street lights, motor pool and the cemetery.

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The Town of Basalt Public Works Department has developed a cross connection program to protect its potable water supply from contamination. The Town will implement this new program in the spring of 2005.

Questions and Answers:

What is a cross connection?
A cross connection is any point in the water distribution system where contaminants may come into contact with potable water. These contaminants can either be drawn into the potable water system, in a situation were the lines are depressurized for repair, or pushed back into the potable water system by and auxiliary pump.

What is a backflow assembly?
A backflow prevention assembly installed at every point of cross connection prevents contaminated water from entering the potable water distribution system. A backflow prevention assembly, sometimes referred to as a "backflow preventer" is designed to prevent backsiphonage or backpressure.

Why has the Town developed this program?
The Town has developed a cross connection program because the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment mandates us, "The Water Supplier" to do so.

How does this program affect you, the water consumer?
The new program will require all Town of Basalt Water Consumers to test their assemblies on a regular basis.

Who will inspect and test the backflow assemblies?
The consumer will be required to have their back flow prevention assemblies tested by a certified technician, typically a plumbing contractor. The Town will not test devices.

How will I know when the tests are required?
The Town will notify water consumers by mail.

Who will pay for the testing and repairing of defective devices?
The water consumer will assume the cost of the testing and the repairing of defective devices.

New Water Meter Information

The Town of Basalt Public Works Department is in the process of changing our manual water meter reading system to an automated meter reading system. Because water meters are typically located inside of a home or business, it will be necessary for us to schedule an appointment with you to gain access.

Questions and Answers:

How does the new system benefit the Town?
The new devices will make meter reading more efficient and precise. It currently takes the Town Water Department five days to complete the water bill cycle, we will cut this time in half with the new system. The automated meter read system eliminates the challenge of locating meter displays which are not always in a uniform pattern along a route, or that may be covered with snow or vegetation. Animals penned in yards also present problems for meter readers.

How does the new system benefit the consumer?
Once installed, the new system eliminates the need for a meter reader to visit your premises. This offers you more privacy and convenience. Automated meter reading systems also reduce human error assuring accurate billing.

How long will my water service be interrupted?
Approximately 30 minutes.

How does the new system work?
A small device is attached to your water meter. It automatically reads your water meter and transmits this data to a hand held device.

How long will the new devise work?
The life expectancy of the unit is 10 years.

How much will it cost me to have the automated system installed?
Nothing, there is no charge for the equipment or the installation.

Will the automated system raise my rates?

Who will perform the installation?
Trained Town of Basalt Water Department employees will perform the installation.

Please call the Public Works Department with any questions 927-4723.

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