2007 Basalt Master Plan
Section 1 - 8

Credits and Table of Contents

Section 1: Background & Planning Process

Section 2: Baseline Inventory Update

Section 3: Civic Engagement & Social Capital

Section 4: Goals & Objectives

Section 5: Future Land Use

Section 6: Future Parks, Recreation, Tourism, Transportation, & Trails

Section 7: Future Affordable Housing

Section 8: Community Character & Place Making

Figures 1 -11e - Baseline Inventory Maps (pdf)

Figure 1: Study Area

Figure 2: Region

Figure 3a: Transportation

Figure 3b: East Basalt Transnet

Figure 3c: West Basalt Transnet

Figure 4: Annex

Figure 5a: Existing Land Use

Figure 5b: East Basalt ELU

Figure 5c: West Basalt ELU

Figure 6: Constraints

Figure 7: Elk

Figure 8: Deer

Figure 9: Birds

Figure 10: Wildfire

Figure 11a: Parks, Trails, & Open Space

Figure 11b: East Basalt Parks

Figure 11c: West Basalt Parks

Figure 11d: East Basalt Trails

Figure 11e: West Basalt Trails

Figures 12a - 12c - Future Land Use Maps (pdf)

Figure 12a: Future Land Use

Figure 12b: East Basalt Future Land Use

Figure 12c: West Basalt Future Land Use


East Basalt Planning Area - Typology Map

West Basalt Planning Area - Typology Map

Neighborhoods - Typology Map


P & Z Resolution

Resolution by Council

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