Basalt Finance Department

The Finance department provides the following services for the Town of Basalt; general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and utility billing for our water department.

Water Rates

The following rate table reflects the recommendations made to and adopted by the Basalt Town Council in the January 1, 2013.

The base rate of $54.00 per quarter ($81 for out of town rate) per EQR is paid in advance. The consumption charges are paid in arrears.

Water usage
per 1000 Gallons
0 - 31,500 Gallons
31,501 - 80,325 Gallons
80,326 - 111,600 Gallons
111,601 and over Gallons

Sales and Lodging Taxes

Sales tax is a very important source of revenue for the Town of Basalt currently comprising over 70% of the general fund revenues. A business is required to collect the Town's sales tax when it sells retail tangible personal property inside Town limits. The Town's sales tax rate is 3%, Lodging Tax is also 2%.

The Finance department also serves as backup for the Building department.

For questions, please contact the Finance Department at 927-9851


2013 Town of Basalt Budget

Automatic Payment Plan

We are pleased to offer you a new service - Direct Payment Plan. Now you can have your utility bill payment made automatically from your checking or savings account.

The Direct Payment Plan will help you in several ways:

1. Saves time and postage.
2. No lost or misplaced payment, your payment is always on time.
3. Easy to sign up for, easy to cancel.

Here's how the Direct Payment Plan Works:
1. You will continue to receive your quarterly bill, allowing you to review the charges.
2. Your payment will be automatically deducted after the effective date on the 20 th. Although the withdrawal date may vary it will never occur before the due date on your bill.
3. Payments can be made from your checking or savings account.

For your application for the Direct Payment Plan, click here.


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