Basalt Council's Top 12 Tasks for 2018


1. Capital Improvements Plan

o Include street conditions study, water rate study, water system improvements, parks improvements, fleet/equipment replacement, facility improvements

2. Town Purchasing Policy

o Participation with other governments to save with mobilization or gain economy of scale

o Tailor the policy to reflect the size of operation and staffing levels to procure services/goods

3. Mid Valley Comprehensive Plan

o Amend Plan to reflect Towns three mile planning area

o Encourage annexation for projects that are within Town’s growth area

4. Investigate establishment/consolidation of citizen participation program

o Citizen participation committees that are task/subject driven

 Can allow citizen participation with defined time commitments

 Improved participant satisfaction due to results driven tasks

 Allows citizens to participate in different focus areas without long term commitment

 Can enhance communication between citizens and Council

5. Whitewater Park

o Complete improvements that were reflected in Ordinance No. 18 Series of 2015

o Discuss amendments to the Park planning effort in coordination with Pitkin County and the recent efforts for updated design by Bluegreen

6. Explore purchase of land for Public Works facility

o Shared facility options

7. Parks/Streets improvements cited in 2018 Capital Improvements Plan

8. Communication

o Town Manager Friday updates

o Inform Council when contemplating changes to budget or project scope

i. Keeps Council informed especially when citizens call for information

o New website

i. Add information including budget, audit, 5 year financial forecast

o Clarify Council, staff, committee communication expectations

o Include calendar invites for meetings

o Investigate ways to keep citizens informed including newsletter, social media, website, etc.

9. Organizational Culture

o Work with staff to establish values for the organization

o Council and staff opportunities for interaction

10. Training

o Include training and learning opportunities during Council work sessions

o Look for cross training opportunities for Town staff to increase efficiency

o Include learning opportunities for staff that support cultural values and professionalism

11. Basalt Master Plan/Strategic Framework

o Work with Council to determine principles/strategic focus areas

o Engage a consultant to perform community survey

o Hold a joint meeting with Council and Planning Commission to determine best timing and goals of master plan process

12. Affordable Housing Program

o Investigate property management option

o Understand the actual financial picture of owning and operating the properties

i. What benefits are there for owning the assets

ii. Are we meeting the goals of the 2014 Housing Conditions Report

iii. Quantify staff costs including time spent qualifying potential purchasers and tenants, and enforcement of the Guidelines and Deed Restrictions as applicable to sellers, landlords, purchasers and tenants

o Define goals for Town of Basalt affordable housing program

i. Is there a target number of units to own

ii. occupancy requirements