Basalt Avenue Pedestrian Underpass

Old Castle Basalt traffic shift FB Art Mar17


During the week of March 13, 2017, construction crews will initiate a traffic shift on State Highway 82. The shift is necessary for work to begin on the final phase of the project. The three major steps include:
  1. The temporary removal of concrete barriers in both Upvalley and Downvalley directions.
  2. For the switch, crews will first move the Downvalley traffic to the north side of the project. The center of SH 82 will be unusable at this time. This alignment will be in place overnight for up to two days.
  3. To finalize the switch, crews will then move Upvalley traffic to the north and reinstall the concrete barriers. Motorists will then be traveling in a head-to-head configuration, with the barriers dividing the traffic flow. This alignment will remain in place until the project is complete. 

There will be various single lane closures in both Upvalley and Downvalley directions as crews paint the roadway, move barriers, and complete paving operations. Delays can be expected. Flaggers will be directing traffic at the intersection of SH 82 and Basalt Avenue. 

Traffic speeds are reduced to 35 mph in the work zone. Please use caution while traveling through the construction zone and follow flaggers’ directions. A width restriction of 11 feet is in place during working hours.


As of early March, the project is an estimated 40% complete. Excavation on the south phase of the underpass will begin immediately after the traffic switch is complete, marking a new milestone on the project. Crews are confident that the underpass will be fully functional by mid-August and open for public use by the start of the new school year. Full completion is on schedule for late October. 


In September 2016, the Town of Basalt began constructing a pedestrian underpass beneath State Highway (SH) 82 at the intersection of Basalt Avenue. The project will provide safety improvements for all modes of transportation by allowing non-motorist traffic to pass under the highway.

The project is located near SH 82 mile point 23.1 in Basalt and the completed underpass will connect the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority parking lot with the Basalt Store front and Bus Rapid Transit stations located at the intersection. Residents will also have easier, safer access to schools located to the north and south of the project.

The new underpass is designed to be 140 feet long, up to 9 feet tall, and 16 feet wide. The construction of the underground path, combined with the installation of new traffic signals and an upgraded storm water drainage system, is anticipated to improve the flow of traffic and pedestrian safety along the highway. The Town of Basalt awarded Oldcastle/United companies the $6.2 million bid for this project. 

pic-credit The Aspen Times

Project Schedule

The 13-month project began in late September and is scheduled for completion in late October 2017.  The tentative schedule of major phases of work planned for the project includes:

September 2016 – March 2017: North Phase

  • Temporary bus stop placements – COMPLETE  
  • Building temporary lanes for vehicle traffic – COMPLETE
  • Removal of asphalt and underpass excavation – COMPLETE
  • Retaining wall construction along Basalt Avenue – IN PROGRESS, final retaining wall will be constructed in February.

March 2017 – August 2017: South Phase

  • Asphalt, excavation and retaining wall work
  • Final pavement, signals, striping, drainage & safety work
  • Reactivation of bus stations

September 2017 – October 2017: Final Phase

  • Trail construction
  • Curb, gutter and guardrail installation
  • Final striping and landscaping

Work Hours

Normal working hours for the project will be Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., with seasonal adjustments for daylight hours. No work is planned on holidays or weekends.