1. BACH - Basalt Affordable Community Housing

    Get the latest information on the Housing Citizens Action Group.

  2. Basalt Info

  3. Basalt Master Plan

    Download the master plan and learn about the vision for the town.

  4. Bear Safety

    Get life-saving tips for encounters with bears.

  5. Board Openings

    View board openings and apply for your chance to help make important town decisions.

  6. BPAC - Basalt Public Arts Commission

  7. Chamber of Commerce

    Get the latest news from the Basalt Chamber of Commerce.

  8. Childcare Financial Assistance

    This is a pilot program to assist with the costs of childcare for families living or working in the Basalt Three Mile area.

  9. Community Services

    Take a look at some of the organizations in Basalt that provide valuable services to citizens.

  10. Connect With Us

    Connect with the Town of Basalt via social media.

  11. Emergency Management Committee

    Stay up to date on the Emergency Management Committee and how they help keep you safe.

  12. History of Basalt

    Learn about the rich history of Basalt.

  13. Municipal Code

    Learn more about Basalt's municipal code.

  14. Newsletter

    Confluence News, July, 2017

  15. Ordinances & Resolutions

    Stay up to date on recent ordinances and resolutions.

  16. Our Town Planning

    Stay up to date on current planning projects.

  17. Park Registration Form

    Use the Park Registration Form to register for various Basalt parks.

  18. Recycling Guidelines for Pitkin County

    If you are confused about recycling and want to learn more, download the comprehensive outline of what you can recycle and how you can maximize your recycling efforts.

  19. Roaring Fork River Improvements Project

    Get the latest on the Roaring Fork River Improvements Project.

  20. Street Design Manual

    Download the complete Street Design Manual.

  21. Town Job Openings

    View current job openings.

  22. Water Conservation

    Get information on how you can help conserve water.

  23. Weatherization Program

    Get home energy improvement funds available free of charge.