Board Openings

Current Openings

The Town is taking applications for the following boards:
    A.   Parks, Open Space & Trails Committee (POST)
    B.   Board of Zoning Adjustment (BOZA)
    C.   Basalt Affordable Housing Commission (BACH)
    D.   Eagle County Housing and Development Authority Advisory Committee (ECHDA) Advisory Committee
Applications will be accepted until positions are filled or a deadline is added to this site.

Feel free to contact Susan if you have any questions at:  or (970) 279-4397. 

To apply - please send a letter to Include your name, address, why you are interested in the position and what you think you can add to the mission of the board. Please attach a resume if you have one. If you live in Town, please note how long you have lived in the Town. 
Additional Information on each of the Town Boards is provided below.
A. POST Overview: The POST Committee makes recommendations to the Basalt Town Council for the planning of parks, trails and open space. The POST Committee adopted a master plan in 2013 which can be found on the Planning Department's page on the Town's website. POST also adopted a sign program for the Town's parks which has been adopted by the Town Council. POST hired a consultant to prepare a master plan for Midland Park. Phase I of Midland Park along with a significant portion of the park improvements adjacent to Old Pond Park have been completed as part of the Town's Our Town Planning effort. 

At the present time a significant portion of POST's time is being spent on competing the plans for the River Park. Other projects include working on the Arbaney Park Plans, the Two River's Road Plan, the River Recreation Plan, trail and sidewalk connections between the schools and the community, and other smaller projects. 
Meetings - POST currently meets the  1st  and 3rd Wednesdays at 4:00 pm.

 Eligibility - must live in Town

B. P&Z Overview:   The P&Z is responsible for providing recommendations to the Town Council on all Town planning-related issues. This includes making recommendations on development projects, the Town’s zoning and subdivision codes, and annexations. 

The P&Z is also charged with the preparation and adoption of the Basalt Master Plan.  The comprehensive 2007 Basalt Master Plan is on the Town’s webpage along with several other plans which have been adopted by the P&Z as part of the Town’s master plan.  Late last year, the P&Z adopted the Our Town Subarea Plan: An amendment to the 2007 Town of Basalt Master Plan to incorporate the findings of the Our Town Planning effort through that time including the work of the Downtown Area Advisory Committee (DAAC). Other special plans adopted by the P&Z include: the River Stewardship Master Plan; the Two Rivers Greenway Plan, the Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan and the El Jebel Sub-Area Plan. (See the Planning Department’s webpage to access these plans)

The P&Z is currently working on the zoning for the four Our Town Planning Area parcels.  See The P&Z will then concentrate on updating the 2007 Basalt Master Plan.

The P&Z typically meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from around 6 to 9 pm. The P&Z has 7 members, and the Council may appoint 1 or 2 alternates. The P&Z also meets when needed with the Town Council on master plan or land use projects.

Eligibility – must have been a Basalt resident for past 6 months (primary place of residency).  

C. BOZA Overview: The BOZA holds public hearings to consider variances from the zoning code. Examples of variances include a request for an increase in height over what the zoning regulations would permit or a reduced side yard setback. The BOZA approves variances after recommendations for the P&Z.

There is no regular schedule and BOZA meets in evenings or late afternoons when necessary. There are 7 members on BOZA (the P&Z and Town Council have positions on the BOZA board.

Eligibility - must live in Town and be a registered voter.
D. Green Team: Overview: The Basalt Green Team provides advice to the Town Council on Sustainability items. Here are some of the tasks completed by the Green Team to date:

- Obtained grants to locate photovoltaic panels at the Basalt Middle School, pool and Public Works Shop
- Initiated the tasks which lead to building a micro-hydro project at the water filtration plant
- Developed Sustainability Building regulations for the Town
- Supported "dark skies" initiatives
- Developed bag ordinance (although it was defeated by the voters)

Currently the Green Team is completing a greenhouse gas inventory and exploring ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through retrofitting buildings.

The Green Team typically meets once a month on the 2nd Monday at 4:00 pm.

Eligibility - the majority of the members should live in Town although out of Town members are accepted. 

E. BACH Overview: Since 2010 BACH has met with Town staff, community leaders, financial and state activists in the affordable housing realm in an effort to address how best Basalt can participate in creating and providing affordable community housing.

To date BACH has participated in the following:
- Habitat for Humanity - Town of Basalt partnership for the Homestead Drive home
- EPS Study to update housing needs and housing inventory
- Identify properties with the Urban Growth Boundary for AH projects
- Worked with Staff to develop Community Housing Credit Program, incorporated into the Code
- Recommendations for incentives to build AH housing, incorporated into the Code
- Recommendations for AH Code amendments, bringing the Town AH requirements into alighnment with Eagle County requirements
- Created Livability Standards for incorporation into the Community Housing Guidelines

In addition BACH acts as a referral committee on AH projects before the Town, including RealAmerica, Willits Town Center, and Lowe's Pan and Fork project, and provides support for AH projects seeking public and private funding.

Meetings - BACH meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 4:00 pm. 

Eligibility - 7 members. 1 member should be a member of the Hispanic community; up to 2 members may be non-resident members as long as they work within the Town limits as part of the business/finance community or RE-1 School District. 

F. ECHDA Advisory Committee:  The ECHDA Committee is an Eagle County Committee. One member of the nine member committee will be selected upon the nomination of the Town of Basalt Town Council. Another member will represent the unincorporated area of the Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle County. The primary responsibility of ECHDA is to make recommendations to the Eagle County Commission on policies, practices, programs and priorities in affordable housing.  The Committee will adopt bylaws and other policies as it deems appropriate, develop plans for providing housing throughout Eagle County.  The Committee will review and make recommendations for investment in proposed developments or redevelopments of residential real estate, and present plans, policies, budgets and changes thereto, together with a report of the Eagle County Housing and Development Authority’s efforts to develop and /or meet such plans, to the Board for its approval at least twice a year. The Town of Basalt ECHDA member will serve as a liaison between ECHDA and the Basalt Town Council and between ECHDA and the Basalt Affordable Housing Commission (BACH).

The nine members of the Committee are appointed through the following process: one members each shall be selected upon the nomination of the Town of Avon, Town of Basalt, Town of Eagle, Town of Gypsum, Town of Minturn, Town of Red Cliff, Town of Vail, unincorporated area of Eagle River Valley portion of Eagle County, and unincorporated area of the Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle. Upon nomination by the Towns and Eagle County, the members will be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

The Committee is to be made up of a mix of individuals with experience in different aspects of the housing market, including but not limited to:

            1) lending, property or association management, real estate sales, or real estate development; or

            2) representing business or citizen interests throughout the community; or

            3) representing large employers within the community.

Committee members will be appointed to two or three year terms.

Meetings –   monthly meeting schedule will be set by committee.

Eligibility – the member must live in Eagle County.