The following information is intended to help community landlords and tenants avoid or resolve rental housing problems. 
  1. Conditions on Move in Day

    Learn what to do before moving into a new place.

  2. Evictions

    Learn about the rules for evictions.

  3. Landlord’s Entry to Rental Property

    Read the rules for a landlord's unwelcome and/or unannounced entry to the premises.

  4. The Lease

    Get an overview of leasing property.

  5. More Than One Tenant

    Get information on joint and several liabilities.

  6. Other Information

    Learn more about personal property, landlord liens, rent increases, and subleasing.

  7. Repairs & Maintenance

    Browse rules for repairs and maintenance.

  8. Roommate Problems

    Find solutions to roommate problems you may have.

  9. Security Deposits

    Learn about the rules of security deposits.

  10. Substantial Violations

    Browse information on substantial violations and what they include.

  11. Termination of the Lease

    View terms and reasons for the termination of a lease.

  12. Verbal Leases

    Find guidance on verbal leases.

  13. When Repairs are Required

    See the specific instances where repairs of property will be required.

  14. Written Leases

    Find details on written leases.