Victim Services

The Basalt Police Department realizes victims and their family members have special needs following a crime or crisis. The goal of the police department in helping meet those needs is to provide an extensive, service-oriented support system for anyone impacted by trauma. The Victim's Assistance Program was implemented for this purpose.

Purpose of the Program
Victim’s Assistance was formed to ensure that all crime victims are treated fairly. Victims are to be treated with dignity, compassion and respect through the criminal justice system so they do not feel re-victimized. The program is designed to assist victims on an informational, emotional, and social level in an effort to reduce physical and emotional suffering.

Staff Members Dedicated to Helping You
The Victim's Assistance Program is staffed by a full-time Victim's Assistance Coordinator and trained volunteer advocates who are dedicated to a 24-hour, on-call system. The volunteers are qualified to respond to crime situations in person, or by telephone, in order to give immediate support and assistance to the victim(s), their families, or friends.

Volunteers are trained to answer questions the victim may have, to make appropriate referrals to assist with any community services, to accompany a victim during interviews, to provide courtroom support (if time allows or there is a need), or just to give comfort and support.

Offering More Than Police Officers
The Basalt Police realize the need to offer more than the response a qualified law enforcement officer can give. A police officer on the scene is better able to focus his/her efforts on the investigation if the victim is receiving the individual attention he/she deserves.