Police Department

The Basalt Police Department is a community oriented policing agency with 12 people on our staff. We currently have ten sworn police officers, one Community Safety Officer, and one Administrative Assistant.  Our department is a full-service police agency that investigates all criminal activity within the town limits of Basalt.

The Police Department is located at the corner of Two Rivers Road and Elk Run Drive

Judicial Districts
The Town of Basalt is centrally located in the Roaring Fork Valley.  The town limits of Basalt incorporate parts of Pitkin and Eagle Counties.  This means our staff works directly with two separate Judicial Districts and two separate Sheriff's Departments.  The 5th Judicial District encompasses Eagle County while the 9th Judicial District encompasses Pitkin County. 

Population & Jurisdiction 
We serve an incorporated population of over 3,800 residents with a daily transit population in excess of 40,000 individuals during the winter and summer months.

We work closely with both the Eagle County and Pitkin County Sheriff’s Departments and have developed mutual aid agreements to bring effective and efficient law enforcement services and responses to the town and surrounding areas.

Organizational Goal and Guiding Principles
The organizational goal of the Basalt Police Department is to provide the highest level of public safety by continually assessing, analyzing, and improving the services we provide while enforcing laws and regulations.

We strive to build collaborative working partnerships and implement problem-solving strategies to proactively address conditions that give rise to health, safety, and public peace concerns.

Professionalism, integrity, and compassion are the guiding principles of the police department.