The Basalt Planning Department Staff consists of:

  • The Planning Director
  • The Assistant Planning Director
  • Planner (unfilled)

The Basalt Planning Department has an Open Planner position.

    The Application deadline has now passed and the Planning Department is reviewing all of the applications that have been received.

Making Changes to Your Property

Talking to the planning staff is the first step residents should take when determining whether or not to make any changes to their property. Planning staff are available by appointment to meet with residents and developers to discuss proposals.

Town Council and Other Boards

 The Basalt Town Council and its advisory boards rely heavily on the assistance of the Planning Department to help decide how the town should grow and develop. Along with these decisions comes the Planning Department's important responsibility of making sure that the impacts of development are paid for by those who benefit the most from that development.  The Planning Department also helps the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council review new developments. These development projects range from looking at the traffic and infrastructure impacts of a subdivision near Old Town Basalt to reviewing annexations into the town boundaries of properties over a hundred acres with associated dwelling units.

Master Plans and Master Plan Update

The planning staff also helps the Planning and Zoning Commission prepare master plans to guide Basalt's growth. Currently, the 2007 Basalt Master Plan is the town's signature document for outlining key planning policies. There are several other plans that have been adopted by the Town of Basalt as part of the Town's Master Plan. These Plan's include. 

1.    The River Stewardship Master Plan identifies how to make the river safer, enhance the riparian environment, and create river parks for all of Basalt to enjoy.
2.    The Two Rivers Greenway Plan identifies a strategic plan for enhancing the recreational use within the corridor while maintaining two-way vehicular traffic. See also the more detailed plans for Phase I.
3.     The El Jebel Sub-Area Plan was adopted in 2013 to update Town's Plan to be more consistent with the recently adopted Mid-Valley Master Plan.
4.      The Basalt Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan was prepared by the Town's POST Committee to highlight where the Town should spend its Parks, Open Space and Sales Tax revenues to best meet community goals. 
5.    The Town recently adopted the Our Town Subarea Plan: An amendment to the 2007 Town of Basalt Master Plan. Check out Our Town Planning. Click here to review the Plan  adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission on October 20th and by the Town Council on November 24th.

Master Plan Update-  Town Staff is working with Tim Malloy of TGMC, LLC. in preparing to update the Town's Master Plan.  Town Staff started the update process by preparing a community survey to be distributed to residents and business owners.  The Town will use responses to the survey to make changes to the Master Plan, especially the goals and objectives.  To date, Town Staff has reviewed the draft survey questions with the Planning and Zoning Commission and incorporated the Planning and Zoning Commission's feedback.  Please check back on this page for future updates on the survey and other progress toward the Master Plan Update.

     Additional Information


Information on Arts in the Town of Basalt

  • Click here to review the report that JVA completed for  TACAW  on the feasibility of completing a performing Arts Center in the Town of Basalt
  • Click Here  for the Ordinance establishing the Basalt Public Arts Commission (BPAC) in 2015.
  • Click Here  for Ordinance amending the membership to BPAC addressing adding membership from the Art Base and TACAW.
  • Click Here  for the BPAC Meeting Notes from 2015.
  • Click Here  for the BPAC Meeting Notes from 2016.
  • Click Here  for information on BPAC membership.

 Information on Willits Town Center

Information on the CDC Property

  • Click Here to view an excerpt from the Basalt Zoning Map (in progress) for the CDC Property. The CDC Property is Zoned C-2 PUD as part of the Ute Center PUD with no approved site specific development plan for the Property. An Applicant to develop the property under the current PUD zoning would need to process a site specific development plan approval through the Town's land use review process. This would include Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plan and Final Plan Review by the Town Council under the PUD overlay on the Property.
  • Click Here for a copy of the CSC Zone District and other code amendment approved by the Town Council in September of 2016. The zoning provisions were created for the four Our Town Planning Properties. Nothing restricts an owner from applying for a different zone district, seeking a site specific development plan approval under the current zoning, applying for a zoning to CSC and with a PUD overlay, asking for an amendment to the CSC Zone District or proposing a new District to be created as the CDC did earlier.
  • Click Here  to review Resolution No. 09, Series of 2016, as approved by the prior Basalt Town Council, where the Town gave guidance to Lowe and CDC on what type of development proposal might be acceptable for the CDC property.

 Information on Basalt River Park

  • Click here to see the latest Plans for the Basalt River Park .
  • Click here to see the package containing the Cost information for the Basalt River Park 
  • Click here to see the package containing the detailed Cost information for the Basalt River Park 

Information on Land Use Applications

  • Click here to review the Application to annex and zone the Stott's Mill PUD
  • Click here to review the Detailed Plan Application submitted by the Roaring Fork Conservancy and the Town of Basalt to approve the Conservancy's River Center and make additional Improvements to Old Pond Park in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance No. 15, Series of 2016
  • Click here to review the Revised Southside Traffic Report 
  • Click here to review the Application at 150 W. Homestead Drive (Elice Application)
  • Click here to review the Application submitted by TACAW for the Arts Campus at Willits submitted on the Town Park-Art Center Tract which is owned by the Town
  • Click here to review the Application submitted by DavidCo LLC. for mini-storage buildings in the Southside
  • Click here to review the Marijuana Buffer Maps that show the difference between the existing 500-foot buffer from parks and the proposed 200-foot buffer from parks.

  P&Z Agenda Packets for 2015


P&Z agenda packets are now located in the Agenda Center